Passing the AWS Machine Learning Exam: it only depends on you

In the past few months, I have been investing my time on AWS studies. During this period, I went from literally zero to writer. Yes, I just release my AWS book about machine learning and I am gonna tell you why you should take an action and step into the AWS world. No more excuses, let’s go!

I know, technology stack changes very often and you might be frustrated to have to keep studying forever (don’t you?). This kind of feeling is even stronger when we are starting or making significant changes on our carrier, you just learned something interesting and, all at a sudden, someone has change it. I got be honest, that’s the case on current cloud companies, including AWS.

However, if you look to the right side, this is actually awesome! Very often, we have bug fixes and brand new products to play around and come up with unlimited solutions for any tech challenge we might be facing. And, as I said, that’s also the case of AWS. When I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam, which is a sort of entry point for the cloud infrastructure world, I could finally realize how many things I could potentially deploy in the cloud. So, that is my first advice: if you are starting, like I was some time ago, go for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam and get this same feeling.

If you already have a descent sense about AWS cloud infrastructure, then I would definitely recommend you to go for AWS associate exams or AWS professional exams. They do have some variations (for developers and solution architects), but all of them will give you deep knowledge on AWS services. In my case, I took the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

After these two exams, I finally could reach out my target exam: AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam. I could potentially go straight for it (and not taking the first two exams), but it does not make any sense for me. I was looking for a solid knowledge on AWS infrastructure and not only for machine learning services.

I had a very good time while studying for this exam. I love machine learning, so spending some days studying this topic and having some pints (with myself) was just awesome. It does not have to hurt you, right? Go to your best place, take your best drink and have fun. That’s all about.

While I was writing my book, I tried to put good vibes on it. If you use it to study for AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam, you will find the most relevant topic to pass the exam. We have covered all the four domais of the exam, which are: data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modeling and machine learning implementation and operation.

If I had to highlight my favorite AWS services, I would say AWS Sagemaker and AWS Lambda. They offer very handy mechanisms for model development and deployment. AWS also offers many other services to facilitate data pipelines implementation, such as AWS Redshift and Kinesis. And you know what, it is not too complex, once you dive on them.

If you wanna know more about my experience on authoring AWS Certified Machine Learning Special Exam, please, check it out. Alright, I have shared a lot of good resources here. I am sure you can handle this exam, make a plan and take action right now!

All the best!

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